Jada - The Dam

Blue Jade FD, NAVHDA UT Prize 1, UPT Prize 2, NA Prize 1
Starting at 3 months old and without any training, "Jada" would consistantly hold staunch, long-duration points on pheasants and wild grey partridge.
Her natural working range is medium and her style is full speed. Her natural search is an expansive, looping pattern out to check all objectives, then periodically circling back to check in with the handler. Jada is fully trained to the whistle and will take "casts" or direction changes by hand signal or voice command.
The drive and work ethic of this dog are phenominal - no thick brush, water course, obstacle or hill will stop her.
Jada has an awesome nose. While hunting with other dogs, she finds most of the birds first and will often find birds the other dogs have overlooked.
We work Jada daily in our large, open fields and it's a thrill to see her hold 200 to 300 yard points while we approach for the flush.
Jada is steady to wing, shot and fall and is also a proud and willing retriever to heel and hand.
Jada has tested to the Field Dog level in CKC. Several of her judges have noted she would also be suited to field trialing. Perhaps in 2016.
As great as she is in the field, she is even better in the water.
The versatile testing system of NAVHDA places great importance on a dog's steadiness in the blind, independent water search and retrieving of waterfowl.
The NAVHDA Utility Test requires the dog to enter the water after a shot then search continuously for a hidden duck for ten minutes without further direction from the handler. If the dog locates the duck, they must retrieve the duck to hand. If the dog locates the duck in under ten minutes they must be sent into the water again and continue the search until recalled by the handler. Truely a test of the dog's co-operation, obedience and drive. 
 Brittany registrations in the NAVHDA system are relatively few and even fewer go on to pass the Utility Test. Jada's inborn talent in the water is one of the major reasons we have chosen to breed her. It's very difficult to teach what comes so naturally to Jada. She has perfect water search scores for all her NAVHDA tests.
Many excellent Brittany dogs and kennels exist in the world today. We never set out to become breeders but after seeing all this little dog can do
we are confident Jada's pups will be a great addition to the versatility of the Brittany breed.
In the home she is a wonderful, affectionate, obedient pet who loves people and other dogs. 
Jada stands 19 1/2 inches at the shoulder and weighs 31 pounds. She is registered with the CKC, AKC and NAVHDA and has OFA certification
for hips, eyes and cardiac. CKC # 1116758, AKC # SR68797401, NAVHDA # BS-001157, OFA CHIC #116758 (Canine Health Information Center.)

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Brittany Spaniel Breeder-Smith Valley Gun Dogs
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